Lusso Extensions guarantees quality, luxury extensions that are long lasting with proper care. Here's some tips on shopping for exactly what you need for the perfect install and what to expect: 


What color should I expect my bundles to be?

Lusso Extensions are 100% virgin bundles with no color processing. All of our extensions are grade 12A meaning a single bundle or closure has hair from a single donor. For this reason, your hair will also be the color of the hair from that donor. You can expect a natural dark brown color but there can be some variations in browns from one bundle to the next. You can even expect some grey strands as well. 


Can I color my bundles?

Yes! Lusso Extensions are safe to be colored with semi, demi and permanent color. Lusso Extensions are also safe to be lightened. Curl patterns will loosen with lightening. We always recommend bundles be lightened by a licensed professional for best results. When planning to lighten consider purchasing a tighter curl pattern than desired to allow for the pattern to relax after lightening.


How big are the bundles? 

Lusso Extensions bundles are 3.5oz. Remember: the longer the hair, the more it will weigh. This means for longer lengths you will need to order more hair because the bundle will have less weft length. For lengths greater than 18'' we recommend increasing to 3+ bundles for an install. For a dense look 4+ bundles are recommended.


Do the bundles arrive with their true curl pattern? 

Lusso Extensions textures are steam pressed to achieve their curl pattern. For the true curl Lusso Extensions will require a shampoo. We recommend a light shampoo prior to install for best results and to see the true curls. 


What kind of lace are on the closures and frontals?

Lusso Extensions closures and frontals are HD lace. Lace can be tinted and knots can be bleached to your desired color. 


How long will my bundles last?

Lusso Extensions bundles are meant to last as long as you care for them properly you can rewear them for years and years!